Translate or Customize Static Content

All static, user-facing text in Workarea UIs (including messages and emails) is translated through Rails' t helper. Use of this helper is explained in the Rails Internationalization (I18n) API guide.

Translations are loaded from Yaml files in config/locales within your app.


# ...

flash[:success] = t('workarea.storefront.flash_messages.cart_item_added')

# ...

flash[:error] = t('workarea.storefront.flash_messages.cart_item_error')

# ...


.value= email_field_tag :email, nil, id: 'footer_email_signup_field', class: 'text-box', placeholder: t('workarea.storefront.forms.email_placeholder'), title: t(''), required: true
created_at: 2019/03/14
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