Install a Plugin

Workarea plugins are distributed using RubyGems, the Ruby package management system. They are packaged as .gem files, and are managed using the Bundler utility. This guide is a quick overview of how to install a Workarea plugin.

Most of the time, Workarea plugins can be installed just like any other gem, either by running this command in your shell:

$ bundle add workarea-gift_cards

Or, by adding a new line to Gemfile:

gem 'workarea-gift_cards'

However, if you're using a plugin included in Workarea Commerce Cloud, you'll need to configure Bundler to pull from the private gem server. To do this, obtain credentials from Workarea using the support form, then configure it in your shell by setting the BUNDLE_GEMS__WORKAREA__COM environment variable:

$ export BUNDLE_GEMS__WORKAREA__COM="yourusername:yourpassword"

It's probably best to set this in your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zshrc so it's always configured in your shell.

Then, in your Gemfile, make sure to surround private plugins in the source block for the private gemserver:

source '' do
  gem 'workarea-multi_site'

Make sure to read about our plugins at, the README documentation for each plugin contains a wealth of information on how to install, configure, and use many of our integrations and proprietary features.

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