JavaScript Reference Documentation

Workarea JavaScripts are documented with JSDoc comments. You can generate HTML documentation (among other formats) using a variety of tools designed to parse JSDoc comments, including the jsdoc tool itself.

Installing JSDoc

Install jsdoc or a similar tool using npm.

npm install -g jsdoc

Generating Documentation for Installed Gems

Create a directory for the generated documentation within your application.

cd path/to/your_app
mkdir docs

The following commands will generate the JavaScript reference documentation for workarea-core, workarea-admin, and workarea-storefront and place them within subdirectories of /docs, which was created above.

cd path/to/your_app
jsdoc `bundle show workarea-core` -r -d ./docs/workarea-core-javascript-reference
jsdoc `bundle show workarea-admin` -r -d ./docs/workarea-admin-javascript-reference
jsdoc `bundle show workarea-storefront` -r -d ./docs/workarea-store-front-javascript-reference

Viewing Documentation

The commands above generate static HTML files. Open index.html to browser the documentation.

open docs/workarea-core-javascript-reference/index.html

Note: Avoid using undocumented Workarea functions and properties. They should be considered private and unstable.

Use similar commands to generate documentation for any Workarea plugins or additional gems.

Note: You may want to commit the documentation files into your application's code repository to save your teammates the trouble of generating their own documentation. Conversly, you may want to instruct your version control system to ignore these directories to force developers to generate fresh documentation each time.

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