Integrate a Web Analytics Provider

Workarea analytics adapters are responsible for registering callbacks for events and in turn sending the correctly formatted data and events to the third party.

Example Adapter

The easiest way to understand how an adapter is implemented is to look at an example. The Workarea platform includes an official Google Analytics plugin, which acts as a Workarea analytics adapter for Google Analytics. Unpack the gem to view its source.

gem unpack workarea-google_analytics

Adapter Template

Below is a commented template for an analytics adapter.

// pass a function that will be invoked by the analtyics framework'myNewAdapter', function () {
    // private methods may be included here
    // return a hash of callbacks for analytics events
    return {
        'pageView': function () { /* pageView calls do not have a payload */ },
        'categoryView': function (payload) { /* send payload */ },
        'searchResultsView': function (payload) { /* send payload */ }
        // ...
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