B2B Overview

Workarea offers a suite of B2B features to allow retailers to operate a B2B Storefront. These features are packaged as a set of plugins as part of the Workarea Commerce Cloud. See workarea.com for more info.

Each plugin includes a readme which details the specific features and functionality it provides.

B2B Feature Summary

  • Organizations, Accounts, and Memberships for customers.
  • Account configuration - payment terms, price lists, credit limits, and order restrictions.
  • Membership roles - Administrator, Approver, and Shopper.
  • Admin management of account credit limits and balances.
  • Storefront organization account pages for customers to view and manage their accounts
  • Account customer checkout with configurable address and payment options.
  • Configurable order approvals.
  • Custom price lists.
  • Reorder items from order history.

Quotes Feature Summary

  • Quote request submission at the payment step of checkout.
  • Customer quote management from the account page.
  • Copy quote item and order details to a new cart.
  • Admin management of quotes.
  • B2B support - enabling organization account-based quotes and customer management of quotes through their organization account pages

Variant List Feature Summary

  • A new product template designed for products with many variants.
  • Allow shoppers to add multiple variants to a cart at one time.

Quick Order Feature Summary

  • Enable customers to quickly add items to their cart by entering a list of SKUs and quantities or uploading a file.

Clifton Theme Feature Summary

  • A B2B focused theme for the Workarea commerce platform.
  • Designed with B2B in mind, supports the full B2B plugin suite.

Demo site

The complete Workarea B2B suite is installed for demonstration purposes only at https://demo.workarea.com - for admin access or a full guided demo of Workarea B2B functionality please contact Workarea support.

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