JavaScript Coding Standards

In addition to using a standard module structure, modules generally follow the coding style of Douglas Crockford.

To enforce code style rules, we use ESLint.

npm install -g eslint

Each Workarea gem includes a .eslintrc file to configure ESLint. The following rules are also observed:

  • Unless unavoidable, do not use the keyword this. Functions passed to jQuery's on and each methods include parameters that provide access to relevent DOM elements and data, so this is almost never required in Workarea modules. Avoid jQuery iteration methods that do not pass the current element as an argument to the iterator, such as the function form of .attr. Use .each instead.
  • When chaining methods across multiple lines, indent/outdent only when the return value changes. $('.product-form') .find('fieldset') .first() .attr('id', 'first') .end() .end() .attr('id', 'cart-form') .serializeArray();
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