API Overview

Workarea provides two separate REST APIs for different purposes:

  • The Admin API provides CRUD operations on all data models in the application and is primarily used for integration with external service providers, such as an OMS or ERP. Access is only available to admin users with the necessary "API Access" permissions.
  • The Storefront API is suitable for building alternative user interfaces to Workarea. Some possible uses for the Storefront API are: mobile apps, kiosks, or retail integrations.

Both of these APIs are contained in the workarea-api plugin.

API Documentation

Out of the box documentation for the Workarea APIs are available here:

When running the Workarea API in your application you should reference the documentation generated for your application specifically. Generated API docs include customizations to data models, as well as any endpoints available for installed plugins. Generated docs are available at https://your.staging.url.com/api/docs.

For instructions on generating app specific API documentation, see the Documentation section of the Workarea API Readme

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