Workarea is a large Rails engine that requires a few things out of a Rails app it's installed into. This guide will walk you through the details of running bin/rails generate workarea:install so you know what changes are being made and why.


First, this will require the Workarea gems in your config/application.rb file. This is done to ensure Workarea can control the environment your application is run in for the purposes of testing and rake tasks.


The install generator will mount the three main engines that workarea is built on within your config/routes.rb file.

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  mount Workarea::Core::Engine => '/'
  mount Workarea::Admin::Engine => '/admin', as: 'admin'
  mount Workarea::Storefront::Engine => '/', as: 'storefront'


An initializer will be created at config/initializers/workarea.rb. This serves that the main location for modifying configuration for Workarea. The generator will add some default information based on the name of your application such as site_name, host, email_from, and email_to. These serve as critical pieces of information for Workarea to know in order to start the application. Be sure to address the TODOs in the file and add the correct production information before deploying to a live environment.


Workarea relies on Sidekiq for running background jobs. For development, the install generator will add the following line of code to your config/environments/development.rb to alleviate the need for sidekiq to be running while in development.

require 'sidekiq/testing/inline'

This tells sidekiq to run workers in process while working locally.


Workarea provides robust testing configuration for consistent and easy testing. The install generator will add require workarea/test_help.rb to your existing test/test_helper.rb file.


Workarea provides favicon support through content assets within the admin UI. As a result, the install generator removes the public/favicon.ico file generated with a new rails application so that it does not interfere with that functionality.


Workarea provides a large set of seed data to get your application started. The install generator adds the db/seeds.rb file so that you can run seeds like any other rails application.

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