Sort and Exclude Product Options

Product Options can be sorted and excluded based on pre-defined rules in configuration. For more information on the concepts behind these options, visit the "Products" architecture guide.

Sorting Product Options

Product options can be sorted differently depending on the product template. For example, options within the generic template are not sorted according to the configuration. Instead, the order of the variants in the <select> dropdown is dictated by the order the variants appear in the admin. In other templates, such as option_selects, a configuration setting is provided for sorting product variants on the detail page. Here's how one might configure size order for the built-in option_selects or option_thumbnails templates:

config.option_selections_sort = lambda do |product, options|
  size_order = ['Small', 'Medium', 'Large', 'Extra Large', '2X Large']

  options.sort_by do |last_option, next_option|
    last_index = size_order.find_index(
    next_index = size_order.find_index(

    last_index <=> next_index

Let's examine what each of these parameters passed into the lambda represents:

  • product is the Workarea::Storefront::ProductViewModel (or a subclass thereof) representing the current product, and is made available in case data from this product is needed to determine the order of options.
  • options is a collection of Workarea::Storefront::ProductViewModel::Option instances, each representing a detail name from a given variant. In the above example, you can see usage of the .name method, this is the titleized name of the option and is used on the storefront to display the given option in the dropdown or thumbnail view.

Excluding Product Options

In some cases, a Workarea application may exclude certain details from a product. This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Deactivate the Catalog::Variant representing this option, or...
  2. Excluding the option when config.option_selections_sort is called

For example, here's how you would exclude an option called "Blue" from the product detail page for the option_selects or option_thumbnails templates:

config.option_selections_sort = lambda do |product, options|
  options.sort_by(&:name).reject { |name| name == 'Blue' }

To exclude product options from the generic template, deactivate the variants representing those variants in the admin. Only active variants are shown on the product detail page.

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