Help & Support

In addition to these guides, WebLinc provides the following resources for help and support.

Support Forum (Discourse)

Workarea's support forum at is used by all teams (WebLinc and partner companies) as a searchable, shared knowledge base. Use the forum to:

  • Read and post announcements about new Workarea releases, plugins, and documentation (from the product team and the community)
  • Report bugs or inquire if certain behavior is a bug
  • Ask about or share known solutions to problems to reduce implementation time
  • Ask how to use a feature or how it's expected to work
  • Ask about what to learn or how to learn, or suggest resource to others to learn more about Workarea and its dependencies

Co-Development / Support Team

If you work for a WebLinc partner company, your team has been assigned a WebLinc team with whom you are co-developing or from whom you are receiving support. This team is your primary source of help and support. Use the lines of communication established with this team (chat, daily status meetings, etc.) to request help and to report issues as needed. Make the most of this valuable resource!

Product Team

WebLinc's product team is always available to help as well. Product team members are active on the support forum, but feel free to contact product team members directly to ask for help and provide feedback. If issues on Discourse are left unresolved, please escalate them directly to the product team. The product team can also provide demos and explanations of features and releases upon request.