Workarea 3.5.7

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.5.7.

Add Validation For Date Time Pickers

Ensure the hidden input storing the value for the dateTimePicker is :required, which prevents the form from saving. This value is also passed down into the template UI created by the JS module in order to make sure the user gets some visual feedback. Add the required attribute to the dateTimePicker on adding custom events in the timeline report.

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When .json requests are made against the admin, the #track_index_filters callback was previously saving off the full path, resulting in issues with the back-linking on the admin UI. To resolve this, Workarea no longer considers .json requests on the index page to be a valid session[:last_index_path].

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Limit Jump-To Results Per Result Type

Improve the admin autocomplete by limiting the jump-to results per type. This allows the user to see a more diverse set of results instead of being overwhelmed by many matches in the top types.

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