Workarea 3.5.21

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.5.21.

Try to clarify how to use search synonyms

There has been repeated confusion around why/how to use synonyms, so this is an attempt to clarify.

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Prevent clearing out navigable when saving taxons

The WORKAREA.newNavigationTaxons module was looking in the wrong place for the selected navigable item, therefore the selected var would always return undefined, causing the navigable_id param to be blank every time. Fix this by querying for the correct DOM node (the [data-new-navigation-taxon] element) and pulling the selected ID from its data.

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Fix skip services

This was broken due to the admin-based configuration looking for a Mongo connections.

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Fix test that will never fail

This test for the StatusReporter worker asserted 2, which will never fail because 2 will never be falsy. Updated the assertion to use the intended assert_equals.

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Refactor product entries to allow accessing logic per-product

This allows easier reuse of this logic, specifically for the site builder plugin we're working on.

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Make CSV test more robust to decorations

Improve this test so decorating ApplicationDocument to add a field won't cause the test to break.

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