Workarea 3.5.2

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.5.2.

Rack >= 2.0.8 adds the idea private/public session IDs to prevent timing attacks where a session ID can be stolen. This is big for sessions stored in databases because the session can then be stolen.

Workarea only supports a cookie session store, so we can continue to safely use the cookie value of the session ID for metrics lookups.

You can learn more about the Rack vulnerability here:

Pull Requests

Fix bad method call in migrate task

each_by needs to be called on a scope.

Pull Requests

Don't bother with segmentation for SVG requests

We found this this was happening due to failures in system tests with this bug.

Pull Requests

Tiny feature addition before most v3.5 upgrades get underway.

Pull Requests

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