Workarea 3.5.19

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.5.19.

Remove CSV messaging for options fields

This removes the "Comma separated: just, like, this" messaging and tooltip that explains more about comma-separated fields for filters and details. Options do not have these same constraints, and this help bubble just serves as a point of confusion for admins.

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Improve display of disabled toggles

When a toggle button is disabled, it should reflect that visually instead of just looking like it should be functional.

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Fix editing product images in admin

When an image does not include an option, the edit page errors because #parameterize cannot be called on @image.option since that is returning nil. Additionally, the line of code in which this is called is meant to set an ID attribute on the element for which an image is rendered. There doesn't seem to be anything in our codebase that uses this, and furthermore since there's no validation for unique options per set of product images, this could cause a duplicate ID error in certain scenarios. To resolve this, the ID attribute has been removed from this <img> tag.

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Make Order::Item#fulfilled_by? the canonical check of item's fulfillment

Methods such as #shipping? and #download? defined from available fulfillment policies now call #fulfilled_by rather than being called by it. This allows #fulfilled_by? to be modified to support more complex scenarios like bundled items from kits.

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Update admin views for consistent display of inventory availability

This was done to improve the UX of inventory display across the admin and to help with the new product bundles plugin.

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Add config to allow defining a default tax code for shipping services

Previously, shipping services coming from a non-Workarea ActiveShipping::Gateway had no way to attach a tax code so they can be taxed. This adds configuration to enable a developer to provide a proc to determine the default tax rate or an admin to specify this in the admin configuration.

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Fix incorrect tracking and metrics after impersonation

Not managing the email cookie and unintentional merging of metrics leads to incorrect values in the admin.

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