Workarea 3.5.17

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.5.17.

Allow inquiry subjects to be localized

Locale keys at workarea.inquiry.subjects can be used to localize the subjects for inquiries.

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Bump Chartkick to fix bundler audit warning

The vulnerability won't affect Workarea in use, but it'll be easier to fix builds doing this.

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Update Checkout#update to return successfulness

For APIs and other consumers of the Checkout model, return a boolean response from the #update method to signify whether the operation succeeded or failed. This response is used directly in the API to return an :unprocessable_entity response code when an update operation fails.

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Remove port from host configuration in installer

Ports aren't part of hosts, this causes problems when the value is used like a true host.

This also fixes mailer links with missing ports as a result of this change.

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Fix missing release changes for CSV importing with embedded models

Trying to update an embedded model via CSV import with a release causes an existing changeset for the root model to get destroyed. This happens because the CSV import calls #save on the root, which has no changes so it removes the changeset.

This patch fixes by iterating over the models the CSV row might affect and calling #save on the embedded ones first (if necessary) to ensure the changesets get correctly created and to avoid calling the save on the root without changes which removes the existing changeset.

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