Workarea 3.5.12

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.5.12.

Remove caching from direct upload CORS requests

The caching continues to give us problems, and this isn't a high-traffic part of the system so there isn't a practical need for it.

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Fix incorrect import errors

When an import fails due to a missing DataFile::Import document, the ProcessImport worker will raise a nil error due to the ensure. This fixes by ensuring the DocumentNotFound error gets raised.

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Don't set a blank tracking email in checkout

Doing this has the potential to create an incorrect tracking email, which could cause a visitor's segments to change in checkout.

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Add paranoid fallback for segment metrics lookup

Although this should never happen, giving a user incorrect segments could have important consequences. If the email cookie is removed or missing for some other reason, it doesn't hurt to fallback to looking up based on the user model (even though this is an additional query) when we know they're logged in.

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