Workarea 3.4.43

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.43

Merge metrics when a user's email is updated

This ensures the old metrics info stays around after the email change.

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Include referrer in ending impersonation redirect fallbacks

When ending an impersonation, this changes to allow redirecting to the referrer if the return_to parameter isn't present. Better UX for ending impersonations while working in the admin.

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Add note to category default sort edit

The selected default_sort of a category will be always used in the storefront. If the category contains featured products, this sort will be labeled "Featured", and this might prove confusing to some admins. To resolve this, add a note just below the dropdown indicating what will occur when products are featured in the category.

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Add metrics explanation for users

This additional explanation is meant to communicate why customer insights may occasionally mismatch with the orders card.

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Be more specific when matching reverts in changelogs

This change will allow starting commit messages with the word Revert without the changelog task ignoring the commit.

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