Workarea 3.4.42

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.42

Try to clarify how to use search synonyms

There has been repeated confusion around why/how to use synonyms, so this is an attempt to clarify.

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Patch RefererParser for Android URLs

Android App URLs have a special android-app:// scheme that is rejected by the currently released version of the referer-parser gem. The code in this patch already exists in the master branch of the gem, but this has not yet been released, and if Android users browse the storefront it can generate an error when collecting referer information. In case a referer cannot be parsed, Workarea also rescues the error so that checkout requests are not blocked.

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Prevent clearing out navigable when saving taxons

The WORKAREA.newNavigationTaxons module was looking in the wrong place for the selected navigable item, therefore the selected var would always return undefined, causing the navigable_id param to be blank every time. Fix this by querying for the correct DOM node (the [data-new-navigation-taxon] element) and pulling the selected ID from its data.

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