Workarea 3.4.39

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.39

Fix wrong sorting on default admin index pages

The query for an admin index page can end up inadvertantly introduce a scoring variation, which can cause results to not match the updated_at default sort.

This makes updated_at the true default sort, and allows the general admin search to override, where _score is still the desired default sort.

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Handle missing or invalid current impersonation

This surfaced as a random failing test, this should make the feature more robust.

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Set default inventory policy to "Standard" in Create Product workflow

When creating a new product through the workflow, setting the "Inventory" on a particular SKU would still cause the Inventory::Sku to be created with the "Ignore" policy rather than "Standard". Setting inventory on a SKU now automatically causes the Inventory::Sku record to be created with a policy of "Standard" so as to deduct the given inventory to the varaint. When no inventory is given, Workarea will fall back to the default of "Ignore".

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