Workarea 3.4.37

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.37

Improve content area select UX

Remove the current content name and replace it with a static label indicating what the <select> menu to the right of it is selecting, which is the current content area. This UI only displays when there are multiple areas for a given Content.

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Setup PlaceOrderIntegrationTest in a method

Currently, decorating the PlaceOrderIntegrationTest to edit the way its set up (such as when adding an additional step) is impossible, you have to basically copy everything out of the setup block and duplicate it in your tests. Setup blocks should be methods anyway, so convert this to a method and allow it to be decorated in host apps.

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Configure sliced credit card attributes

To prevent an unnecessary decoration of the Workarea::Payment class, the attributes sliced out of the Hash given to Workarea::Payment#set_credit_card is now configurable in initializers. This same set of attributes is also used in the Users::CreditCardsController, so the configuration will be reused when users are attempting to add a new credit card to their account.

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