Workarea 3.4.35

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.35

Reset Geocoder between tests

This ensures individual tests monkeying around with Geocoder config will get restored before the next test runs.

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Fix promo code counts in admin

Previously, promo codes could only be generated once through the admin, so rendering the count of all promo codes as the count requested to be generated was working out. However, as CSV imports and API updates became more widespread, this began to break down as the #count field would have to be updated each time a new set of promo codes were added. Instead of reading from this pre-defined field on the code list, render the actual count of promo codes from the database on the code list and promo codes admin pages.

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Use display name For applied facet values

When rendering the applied filters, wrap the given facet value in the facet_value_display_name helper, ensuring that the value rendered is always human readable. This addresses an issue where if the applied filter value is that of a BSON ID, referencing a model somewhere, the BSON ID was rendered in place of the model's name.

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