Workarea 3.4.34

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.34

Fix incorrect shipping options error flash message

A flash error incorrectly showed when the order doesn't require shipping, and addresses are updated.

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Bump Kaminari dependency to fix security alert

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Bump rack-attack to latest version

This fixes rack-attack keys without TTLs set piling up in Redis. This has caused hosting problems.

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Don't assume promo codes for indexing discounts

A custom discount may be implemented that doesn't use promo codes.

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Handle error from attempting to fetch missing S3 CORS configuration

If a bucket has no CORS configurations, the app errored because it was trying to merge the new one. This fixes that to gracefully create a new configuration.

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Add QueuePauser to pause Sidekiq queues, pause for search reindexing

This fixes a situation where Elasticsearch mappings aren't created because Sidekiq jobs are processing indexing jobs while the indexes are being reset.

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Bump Geocoder

This fixes an irrelevant bundler-audit CVE warning, and adds/updates a bunch of Geocoder lookup options.

See for more info.

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