Workarea 3.4.31

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.31

Don't allow more than one valid password reset token per-user

There's no reason to keep extra password reset tokens around.

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Fix dev env autoloading problem with Categorization

Autoloading in development would sometimes break, use a fully qualified constant path to resolve correctly.

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Add missing append points to option-based product templates

This append point was only in the generic template, but is useful for plugins.


Fix Mongoid not returning defaults for localized fields

If a locale is missing from the translations hash, Mongoid returns nil instead of the default specified on the field. That causes all kinds of errors.

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Fix index serialization not happening per-locale

Previously, indexing was using the same document per-locale. This was masked by Mongoid loading data from the cached document to look correct in most browse scenarios. This fixes it to serialize per-locale so each locale has a separate representation of the document.

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