Workarea 3.4.28

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.28.

Display Price Range in Admin Pricing SKUs Index Table

The price display in the Pricing SKUs index is somewhat confusing, and would show different "Regular Price" data depending on the sale state of the SKU. To resolve this, replace the two price columns with "Sell Price", a column that renders a price range if there are multiple prices set on the SKU, and indicates that it's always going to show the price that a SKU is being sold for. Otherwise, it will just show the #sell price of the SKU.

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Divide By Units Sold in Average Price Calculation

When calculating the average price for a product in its insights, Workarea was previously using the amount of orders the product appears in as a divisor. This will not show the correct average price of a product unless every order only has a quantity of 1, since it includes the total price of the item rather than its unit price. To make this number accurately reflect the average price paid per unit on a product, Workarea now uses the number of units sold as the divisor when calculating the average unit price of a product.

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Seeds were only generating insights for a single previous week and month which caused some insights that rely on historical data to not be generated i.e. trending products and searches.

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Remove Changes Count in Releases Tabular Index

The #changesets_for_releasable query cannot be optimized any further without using some kind of aggregation, and is causing problems for large amounts of releases on the index page. Remove it from the index so it won't cause performance problems.

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Randomize Addresses in Seed Data

Workarea now provides random values for street address, city, and state. All addresses are still in the US, however, so they will still validate with default configuration. This provides more diverse seed data that better reflects the real-life admin.

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