Workarea 3.4.27

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.27.

Expose Shipping Service Code in Admin

The shipping service code is now editable on the shipping service new/edit forms.

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Fix S3 CORS overwriting

Workarea previously replaced the existing CORS configuration on the S3 bucket used for storing direct uploads with its own, which caused issues for environments that share an S3 bucket between servers (such as ad-hoc demo servers or low-traffic "all-in-one" instances). Instead of replacing the entire configuration, Workarea now reads the existing allowed hosts configuration and appends its own onto the end, preserving the configuration that previously existed. This should address the problem wherein if another server attempts a direct upload, it can revoke the access from previous servers to upload to the S3 bucket, since they were no longer in the CORS configuration.

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Handle Deleted Categories in Category Options

In the options_for_category method, Workarea did not previously check for whether a category exists, resulting in Mongoid throwing a DocumentNotFound error when encountering the method and causing a 500 error in the real world. This has now been resolved by rewriting the code to check for whether the model was found before proceeding. options_for_category will now return nil early when this occurs.

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Add Append Point for Post-Subtotal Adjustments

This adds an append point right underneath the order subtotal and above the shipping total in the admin order attributes view.

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