Workarea 3.4.22

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.22.

Use Correct Format to Download Data File Import Samples

Previously, Workarea would initiate a download of the sample using an incorrect format type, which on some browsers resulted in the file not downloading at all, instead being displayed in the browser. This was resolved by fixing the MIME Type used to transfer the file in the first place.

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Handle BOM Characters In Data File CSV Imports

The Byte Order Mark character in UTF-8 documents is not handled by Ruby's default CSV encoding scheme. To address this, the default :encoding option was changed to "bom|utf-8". The BOM character can sometimes be included by spreadsheet software when editing a CSV sample.

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Make Discount Auto-Deactivation Friendly To Releases

Workarea's discount auto-deactivation begins as soon as the discount is created, resulting in issues if the discount isn't actually active yet. In some cases, a released discount can be made auto-deactivated immediately after its activation. This has been resolved by basing the time at which a discount was active on the last updated at, rather than created at, timestamp. This causes edits to the discount to "reset the timer" on auto-deactivation, and prevents the aforementioned issue.

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Fix Content Block Asset Uploads

Set a Redis key to reduce unnecessary S3 CORS configuration requests.

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Update Test Assertions Referencing 2020

There are a few assertions in Workarea's test suite that reference a year of 2020 as a credit card expiry date. In order to prevent test issues on January 1st, 2020, update all relevant tests to always choose a year that's 1 year in advance of the current date, to prevent this problem from happening in the future.

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