Workarea 3.4.20

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.4.20.

Fix logout from pages without authenticity tokens

On pages without authenticity tokens (like HTTP cached pages), clicking log out won't work because Rails is checking for that. This disables that check for logout to fix.

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Update Loofah to Gain Security Fixes

Loofah was updated due to a security vulnerability, so it's been bumped in the Workarea dependencies to ensure that you won't be bitten by an XSS bug in sanitized HTML.

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Increase Reliability of Admin Toolbar System Tests

Due to the usage of <iframe> in admin toolbar system tests, they would fail intermittently since Chrome couldn't always click the element in an Ajax-ed within_frame call. Modify the method in Capybara to also wait_for_xhr prior to running any assertions.

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Fix Missing Aspect Ratio Attribute

Instead of trying to calculate the #inverse_aspect_ratio in Dragonfly, use the #aspect_ratio field and calculate its inverse when requested.

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