Workarea 3.3.35

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.3.35.

Remove BSON Gem Restriction

Newer versions of the mongo gem contain fixes for using MongoDB clusters, which are used by Commerce Cloud to maintain high-availability database servers for our customers. Removing this dependency on the bson gem, which originally addressed a security concern in our application, allows upgrading the MongoDB Ruby drivers to support this new functionality.

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Update Mongoid to v6.4

This will ensure tests pass with the latest version of the mongo gem.


Update Redis::Rack::Cache to v2.2.0

This new version requires Rack::Cache v1.10 and enables over-the-wire gzip compression to the Redis server via the :compress option. This feature is useful for extremely high traffic sites, but should be used with caution since it will increase the CPU/RAM load on your application server. You should use this if the trade-off between RAM increase and bandwidth decrease makes sense.

If you're on Workarea Commerce Cloud, consult one of our technicians before enabling this option.

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