Workarea 3.3.34

Patch release notes for Workarea 3.3.34.

Customize Search Queries That Return an Exact Match

It's currently possible to customize search queries that return an exact match, but instead of seeing the customized results when you run the query, you'll be redirected to the product page since the StorefrontSearch::ExactMatches middleware stops further middleware from running and sets a redirect to the product path. To resolve the issue, Workarea will now ignore this middleware if a customization is present on the search response.

Discovered by Ryan Tulino of Syatt Media. Thanks Ryan!


Pull Requests

Update Haml and Loofah For Security Fixes

Several security updates occurred in the Haml and Loofah gems, and Workarea's dependencies have been updated to account for the latest patch versions.


Fix Logout From Pages Without Authenticity Tokens

Rails checks for an authenticity_token parameter (or header) on each non-GET request. HTTP-cached pages may not include this token, so clicking the "Log Out" link at the top of the site won't actually log you out. This disables the verify_authenticity_token check so logouts work as expected.

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Add Append Point to Order Confirmation Page

Adds the storefront.checkout_confirmation_text append point immediately underneath where checkout content is rendered.

Pull Requests

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