Workarea 3.1.0

Adds Order Copying

46967c84a5a, b7592d3925f, b37d2159a80

Workarea 3.1 adds a Ruby API for order copying.

Adds Fulfillment & Payment Statuses

#2726, #2743, #2727, #2721, #2706, 2f052fedd5d, #2671

Workarea 3.1 adds the concept of payment status and decouples fulfillment status from order status. Fulfillment and payment statuses are displayed in the Admin.

Adds Orders Timeline

#2635, 00480af01a4, 2b33c68a666

Workarea 3.1 adds an Admin order timeline, which is similar in function to other Admin activity.

Adds User Creation Admin Workflow

#2558, 18c052bc7bb, 29fff0c372e, #2744, #2755

Workarea 3.1 allows for the creation of new users through the Admin.

Adds User Avatars

#2619, #2646, #2675

Workarea 3.1 adds user avatars and displays them in the Admin. Avatars may be user-provided but fall back to Gravatar.

Adds "Publish Now" Permission

#2576, #2628, #2678, #2759, #2652, #2745, #2750

Workarea 3.1 adds a "can publish now" permission and modifies the Admin UI to honor this permission. Users without this permission must select a release in order to make changes.

Adds Sequential Product Editing

#2571, 2cfeed0a4b5, 6d640e3a7b9, #2575, #2747

Workarea 3.1 adds sequential product editing, which allows an admin user to select products in bulk and edit them sequentially (in an editing loop).

Adds Bulk Product Editing with a Release

#2539, #2565, #2564, c91a2d2f8b5

Workarea 3.1 modifies Workarea::BulkAction::ProductEdit and its associated Admin controller and views to allow bulk product editing with a release.

Adds Product Copying

#2538, #2542, #2541, #2557

Workarea 3.1 adds a Ruby API for copying a product and provides an Admin workflow for this process.

Adds Variant Ordering

#2521, #2532

Workarea 3.1 allows admins to re-order variants in the Admin UI. The order is honored when displaying variants in the Storefront.


Workarea 3.1 adds "preview in Storefront" links within several Admin creation workflows. The change modifies many Admin views to create a consistently positioned auxiliary navigation, within which the preview links appear.

Adds Automatic Navigation Redirects


Workarea 3.1 adds the callbacks worker Workarea::RedirectNavigableSlugs, which enqueues on Navigable#update if the Navigable#slug has changed. The worker creates a Navigation::Redirect within each locale based on the changed slug. This worker is disabled by default, but is enabled for Admin UI requests by the Workarea::Admin::ApplicationController.

Adds Restore Functionality (and "Trash" View) to Admin

5dd586d5aa4, #2632, 6038b5434a0, 89212ff576c, #2640, 35b70445561

Workarea 3.1 allows admins to restore deleted model instances and provides a "Trash" screen for viewing models that can be restored.

Adds HTML Sitemap to Storefront

#2507, #2525, #2543, 1c8fa2175fb, c3cea6b8835, 7744f1c9daf

Workarea 3.1 adds an HTML sitemap to the Storefront in response to requests from retailers and SEO companies.

Adds Prompt for Unsaved Changes in Admin

#2625, #2636, #2649, #2665, #2725

Workarea 3.1 adds the Admin JavaScript module WORKAREA.unsavedChanges, which prompts Admin users when navigating away from unsaved changes in the Admin UI. The functionality applies only to forms with a data-unsaved-changes attribute and ignores fields with a data-unsaved-changes-ignore attribute.

Adds "Spacing" Options to Divider Content Block Type


Workarea 3.1 modifies the Divider content block type, allowing for "spacer" content blocks that create visual separation, with or without a visible border.

Adds Boolean Content Field Type


Workarea 3.1 adds the Workarea::Content::Fields::Boolean content field type and the associated Admin partial, workarea/admin/content_blocks/_boolean.html.haml.

Disables Checkout Buttons on First Click

#2716, #2704

Workarea 3.1 disables checkout "continue" buttons on first click to prevent multiple submissions.

Changes Storefront Primary Image Logic


Workarea 3.1 adds the Storefront enumerable Workarea::Storefront::ProductViewModel::ImageCollection and returns an instance of this collection as the product view model images. This change ensures the current product image matches the facets selected by the user when available.

Changes Fulfillment Logic

#2760, #2762, c47f10e35b5, #2653

Workarea 3.1 makes the following minor changes to fulfillment logic.

Applies Admin UI Changes to Support OMS Plugin


Workarea 3.1 applies the following changes to support upcoming changes in the Workarea OMS plugin.

Improves Usability of Storefront Form Fields

#2670, #2676, #2535

Workarea 3.1 modifies attributes on various form fields in the Storefront to improve usability.


Workarea 3.1 removes Workarea::Search::StorefrontSearch::AutoFilter from the configured Storefront search middleware (Workarea.config.storefront_search_middleware) and prints a deprecation warning when this middleware is included in that configuration. This middleware is marked for removal in Workarea 3.2.

Upgrades to Rails 5.1

#2660, #2715, 03e5c58ac89

Workarea updates its Rails dependency to Rails 5.1.

Adds Tests Converted from RSpec

#2724, #2650

Workarea 3.1 adds more tests which were converted from the remaining RSpec test suite. The converted tests include all Admin specs and credit card operation specs.

Adds Factory Method to Complete a Checkout

aa9d7dd5e13, 990df54af0a

Workarea 3.1 adds the complete_checkout factory method for use in tests.

Adds Test Runner for Each Installed Plugin


Workarea 3.1 adds a test runner task for each installed plugin, allowing an application to run tests per-plugin.

Disables Text Transforms in Tests


Workarea 3.1 disables CSS text transforms while running tests to reduce failures caused by case sensitivity when tests are extended by applications.

Adds Asset Lookup for Use in Content Block DSL


Workarea 3.1 adds the find_asset_id_by_file_name method for use in the content block DSL, avoiding the need for applications to provide this functionality on their own.

Adds "Details" API to Product (Extracted from Variant)


Workarea 3.1 extracts Workarea::Details from Workarea::Catalog::Variant and includes the new module in Workarea::Catalog::Product (and Workarea::Catalog::Variant) for a consistent details API for products and variants.

Adds "Only If" Option for Enqueuing Callbacks Workers


Workarea 3.1 adds the enqueue_on: { only_if: -> { ... } } Sidekiq option for use by callbacks workers. This option complements the previously available ignore_if option.

Adds "Add to Cart Confirmation" Analytics Event


Workarea 3.1 announces an addToCartConfirmation analytics event when items are added to the cart in the Storefront. Analytics adapters may report this event as appropriate for each analytics service.

Adds Detection for Duplicate DOM IDs in Storefront


Workarea 3.1 adds the Core JavaScript module WORKAREA.duplicateId, which throws an error when duplicate id attribute values exist in the DOM. The module is required only in the Storefront, and only for the Development and Test Rails environments. The change also fixes several instances of duplicate IDs.

Adds Detection for Duplicate JS Module Scopes in Storefront


Workarea 3.1 updates the Workarea JavaScript library, workarea/core/workarea.js, to throw an error when modules are re-initialized on the same scope. This change is limited to the Development and Test Rails environments.

Adds Additional Permissions to Admins Seeds


Workarea 3.1 adds additional permissions to the admin users created by Workarea::AdminsSeeds. The permissions added were previously omitted due to oversight or are new in Workarea 3.1.

Raises When Discount Application Order is Not Configured


Workarea 3.1 raises a MissingConfigurationError if Workarea.config.discount_application_order is missing a discount class. The raised error provides info on how to resolve the problem and is more helpful than the error raised in previous Workarea versions.

Automatically Configures Amazon S3 Dragonfly Data Store from Environment


Workarea 3.1 automatically configures Dragonfly to use S3 as its data store when WORKAREA_S3_REGION and WORKAREA_S3_BUCKET_NAME are present in the environment. The values of WORKAREA_S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID and WORKAREA_S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY are also included in the configuration when present.

Prior Workarea versions required manual configuration via Workarea.config.asset_store.

Changes Search Synonyms Sanitization to Remove Hyphens


Workarea 3.1 changes Workarea::Search::Settings#sanitized_synonyms to split hyphenated synonyms into multiple words.

Persists Backorder Dates to Inventory Transaction Items When Capturing Inventory


Workarea 3.1 saves the backorder date on the inventory transaction item when placing the order. This change will help in future OMS related features that require a decision on when orders should ship.

Internationalizes Name Field on Order


Workarea 3.1 internationalizes Workarea::Order#name, which previously returned an English string due to oversight.

Changes "Finished Checkout" Destination for Admins

b703608e719, 3effec9185b

Workarea 3.1 redirects to the order Admin screen after placing an order when the order is placed by an admin user with order access.

Moves Storefront Search Response Message from Flash to View


Workarea 3.1 moves the Storefront search response message (e.g. a message indicating the search query was rewritten) from the flash to the view so that the message persists until the user manually dismisses it or reloads the page.

Removes Explicit Line Height from Admin Toggle Buttons


Workarea 3.1 removes explicit line height styles from the toggle-button Admin component to improve alignment with other controls.

Adds Workarea Favicon to Admin


Workarea 3.1 adds a Workarea favicon to the Admin.

Adds Discount Redemption Data to Admin UI


Workarea 3.1 displays the discount redemption amount in pricing discounts Admin screens.

Adds Sale Price to Pricing Skus Cards


Workarea 3.1 displays the sale price (when available) in the pricing skus Admin screens.

Adds Template to Product Summaries in Admin


Workarea 3.1 displays the product template within Admin product summaries.

Adds "Type" Title Attributes to Admin Summaries


Workarea 3.1 adds title attributes to the display of type values in Admin summaries since this text sometimes overflows the container.

Re-Orders Cards in Orders Admin


Workarea 3.1 re-orders the cards within the order Admin screens to group read-only and actionable cards together.

Improves Display of Empty Admin Activities


Workarea 3.1 moves the display of empty activities to a more appropriate location within Admin activity.

Fixes Display of "Active/Inactive" in Prices Admin


Workarea 3.1 fixes the display of the values "Active" and "Inactive" within prices Admin screens.


Workarea 3.1 changes the shipping services Admin screen, removing a link to a nonexistent location.

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