Workarea 3.0.8

Explicitly Loads EXIF Reader JPEG Library


Workarea depends on the EXIFR::JPEG library. Version 1.3.0 of the exifr gem no longer loads EXIFR::JPEG implicitly, so applications using that version of the gem are seeing NameError: uninitialized constant EXIFR::JPEG prior to Workarea 3.0.8.

Workarea 3.0.8 explicitly requires EXIFR::JPEG within the lib/workarea/core.rb Core library file to resolve this issue.

Randomizes the Default Admin's Password in Non-Development Environments


Workarea 3.0.8 modifies the implementation of Workarea::AdminsSeeds#perform in workarea-core/app/seeds/workarea/admins_seeds.rb to randomize the password of the user in Rails environments other than development. The change also adds Workarea::AdminsSeeds#password within the same file.

Be aware of this change if you run seeds in environments other than development and use the default Admin user. Decorate AdminsSeeds#perform to provide your own password, or manually reset the password for this user after running seeds.

Renames Test Cases to Match File Names


Workarea 3.0.8 renames the following test cases to match their file names.

Fixes Display of Radio Buttons in iOS


Workarea 3.0.8 fixes the display of radio button in iOS, which were displaying with square corners.

The following stylesheets and rules are affected.


- Adds [type=radio] {}


Improves Display of jQuery UI Datepicker in Admin

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Workarea 3.0.8 improves the display of the "today" indicator for the Admin's jQuery UI datepicker widget and aligns the datepicker left when inside an Admin workflow UI.

The change affects the following within jquery_ui/admin/_ui_datepicker.scss.

Fixes Icon Size for Release Select Component in Admin


Workarea 3.0.8 fixes the icon size for the release-select component in the Admin.

The following changes are applied in the workarea/admin/components/_release_select.scss Admin component stylesheet.

The following changes are also applied in that file to correct a typo.


Workarea 3.0.8 removes a superfluous $link-color definition from the typography stylesheets layer, since this variable is already defined (and applies more broadly) within the settings stylesheets layer.

The change removes $link-color from the workarea/storefront/typography/_links.scss Storefront typography stylesheet.

Adds Tag List Field Notes to Bulk Product Edit


Workarea 3.0.8 adds help text notes to tag list fields in the bulk product edit Admin view.

The change modifies the workarea/admin/bulk_action_product_edits/edit.html.haml Admin view and adds the workarea.admin.bulk_action_product_edits.tags.tags_note translation to the Admin's en.yml locale.

The PR also renames the workarea.admin.create_catalog_products.setup.comma_separated_just_like_this translation to workarea.admin.create_catalog_products.setup.tags_note and updates the workarea/admin/create_catalog_products/setup.html.haml Admin view accordingly.

Fixes Storefront Secondary Nav Displaying Inactive Taxons


Workarea 3.0.8 modifies the workarea/storefront/shared/_left_navigation.html.haml Storefront partial to fix the secondary-nav component. The fix ensures each secondary-nav__item displays only if the corresponding taxon is active.

The change also adds a Storefront system test, Workarea::Storefront::NavigationSystemTest#test_left_navigation to workarea/storefront/navigation_system_test.rb.

Fixes Releases Activity Log Exception


Workarea 3.0.8 modifies the Admin partial for releases activity, workarea/admin/activities/_release_update.html.haml, to guard against Mongoid::AuditLog::Entry#audited returning nil, which results in a raised exception in the Admin UI.

The change also modifies the value of the workarea.admin.activities.release_published_html translation for the Admin's en.yml locale, improving the activity log message. The PR also adds an Admin system test, Workarea::Admin::ActivitySystemTest#test_activity_log_for_releases, to workarea/admin/activity_system_test.rb.

Fixes Product List Markup in Storefront Cart Views


Workarea 3.0.8 modifies the following Storefront views, renaming the .customization element to .product-list__customization to correctly scope the element to the product list component. The views are updated to match the style guide and stylesheet for the component.

Fixes Display of Inventory Backordered Date in Admin


Workarea 3.0.8 fixes the display of the backordered_until field within the inventory sku Admin screens.

The following admin views are modified.

Fixes Display of Active Field in Product Admin


Workarea 3.0.8 fixes the display of the active field within product Admin screens. The following Admin views are affected.

This change also adds the following translations to the Admin's en.yml locale.

Reduces Font Size of Workflow Bar Steps in Admin


Workarea 3.0.8 reduces the font size of the steps that appear in the Admin's workflow bar.

The change affects the following within workarea/admin/components/_workflow_bar.scss.

Truncates Long Breadcrumbs in Admin Menu Editor


Workarea 3.0.8 truncates long breadcrumbs within the Admin's menu editor component.

The change modifies the following rules within workarea/admin/components/_menu_editor.scss.

Increases Clickable Area During Bulk Action Selection


Workarea 3.0.8 increases the clickable area of each summary on Admin index pages while selecting summaries for a bulk action. The entire summary is clickable rather than only a checkbox within the summary.

The change modifies the summary component stylesheet in the Admin, workarea/admin/components/_summary.scss. The following rules are modified.

Additionally, the Workarea::Admin::BulkActionsSystemTest Admin system test is strengthened. The change modifies the test test_session_reset.

Adds Disabled Option to Admin Toggle Buttons


Workarea 3.0.8 adds a disabled option to Admin toggle buttons.

The change affects the Admin helper Workarea::Admin::ApplicationHelper, modifying toggle_button_for, and the workarea/admin/shared/_toggle_button.html.haml partial in the Admin.

The PR also changes the workarea/admin/bulk_action_product_edits/edit.html.haml Admin view, applying the new toggle button option to fix a toggle button within the view.

Fixes the HTML Structure of the Generic Product Template in the Storefront


Workarea 3.0.8 corrects code indentation within the Storefront generic product template, workarea/storefront/products/templates/_generic.html.haml, which was incorrectly nesting much of the template's content within .product-details__name.

Fixes Tests that Require Auto Capture Disabled


Workarea 3.0.8 fixes the following Admin system tests, which require Weblinc.config.auto_capture to be set to false.

Fixes Seeds Exception for Missing Fulfillment


Workarea 3.0.8 modifies the following seeds to help avoid a Mongoid::Errors::DocumentNotFound exception (missing Workarea::Fulfillment) when running seeds.

Adds Pointer Cursor to Buttons & Text Buttons in Storefront


Workarea 3.0.8 applies a pointer cursor to the button and text-button components in the Storefront.

The change modifies the following style rules in the Storefront.

Improves Reliability of Content Editing UI Tests


Workarea 3.0.8 "unsticks" the Admin's content-editor__aside UI element in the test environment to improve reliability of automated tests.

The change affects Workarea Testing's feature spec helper stylesheet for the Admin UI, workarea/admin/feature_spec_helper.scss, adding a .content-editor__aside {} style rule.

Strengthens Content System Test in Admin


Workarea 3.0.8 strengthens the Workarea::Admin::ContentSystemTest Admin system test case.

The change modifies test_reordering_content_blocks within workarea/admin/content_system_test.rb.

Fixes Content Block Generator Partial Path


Workarea 3.0.8 fixes the path of Storefront partials generated by the content block type generator.

The change modifies the following.

Adds Boilerplate for CSS Web Fonts


Workarea 3.0.8 adds boilerplate for @font-face CSS statements in the Storefront.

The change adds the workarea/storefront/generic/_fonts.scss Storefront stylesheet, modifying the workarea/storefront/application.scss.erb stylesheet manifest accordingly.

Applications should override this stylesheet to add custom @font-face CSS statements, placing the corresponding font files under app/assets/fonts/, which is where the font-url() helper looks for font files. For example: app/assets/fonts/workarea/storefront/font_file.ext

Adds Append Point to Current User JSON Response


Workarea 3.0.8 adds an append point to the current_user JSON view in the Storefront, allowing plugins and applications to add data to the current user JSON response.

The change adds a Core extension to JbuilderTemplate in lib/workarea/ext/jbuilder/jbuilder_append_partials.rb and requires it within lib/workarea/core.rb.

The new append point, storefront.current_user, is added to the Storefront JSON view workarea/storefront/users/current_user.json.jbuilder.

Adds Feature Spec Helpers Append Points to Stylesheet Manifests


Workarea 3.0.8 adds new append points to the Admin and Storefront application stylesheet manifests to allow plugins and applications to provide their own feature spec helper stylesheets.

The following append points are added.


Workarea 3.0.8 fixes a link within the Admin's text-box style guide partial.

The change affects workarea/admin/style_guides/components/_text_box.html.haml in the Admin.

Adds Workarea Logo to Admin Toolbar Takeover


Workarea 3.0.8 modifies the workarea/admin/toolbar/show.html.haml Admin view, which is used to render the Admin toolbar takeover in the Storefront. The change adds the Workarea logo, which was unintentionally omitted from the original implementation.

Modifies JavaScript Linter Rules


Workarea 3.0.8 changes the following JavaScript modules and functions to align with updated JavaScript linter rules. These changes are stylistic only and should not affect the behavior of the code.


- WORKAREA.url.parse() in workarea/core/modules/url.js


- WORKAREA.taxonInsert.updateSelectMenu() in workarea/admin/modules/taxon_insert.js


Optimizes SVG Files in Admin


Workarea 3.0.8 modifies all Admin SVG files under app/assets/images/workarea/admin/ to ensure that each file has an xmlns attribute and does not have an id attribute (to avoid duplicate IDs in the DOM).

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