Workarea 3.0.3

Allows Ruby 2.4


Workarea 3.0.3 changes the Testing dependency on webmock to '~> 3.0.1' and the Core dependency on dragonfly to '~> 1.1.2', which allows Workarea's required Ruby version constraint to be updated to '>= 2.3.0'. Applications using Workarea 3.0.3 can therefore optionally use Ruby 2.4.x. If your application is segfaulting in the Development environment, upgrade to Workarea 3.0.3 and Ruby 2.4.

Runs Minitest Reporters in CI

Commit, Commit

Workarea 3.0.3 adds a Testing dependency on minitest-reporters and runs the reporters in the CI environment. To skip the reporters, set the environment variable REPORTERS=false.

Adds Append Point to Admin Users Cards Partial

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Workarea 3.0.3 adds the admin.user_cards append point to the workarea/admin/users/_cards.html.haml Admin partial. If your application is overriding this partial, update your copy so that plugins may append to it.

Changes App Template API


The app template provided with Workarea (at docs/guides/source/app_template.rb) is used with the rails new command from Rails to create a new Workarea application. The app template provides an API in the form of environment variables that are recognized to provide data and options to the template. Workarea 3.0.3 makes the following changes to the app template API.

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