Workarea 3.0.10

Fixes Test Runners on Rails 5.0.5

#2687, #2694

Rails 5.0.5 includes significant changes to the Rails test runner, which break the test runners used by Workarea applications. Workarea 3.0.10 makes the following changes to ensure continued functionality of the test runners after upgrading to Rails 5.0.5.

Fixes Storefront Cancelation Email to Correctly List Canceled Items


Workarea 3.0.10 fixes the Storefront cancelation email to correctly list canceled items.

The change modifies Workarea::Fulfillment#cancel_items in Core.

The PR also modifies the following Storefront mailers.

Finally, the PR updates test_canceled_order_updates_the_fulfillment_status_of_the_order in Workarea::Storefront::FulfillmentSystemTest

Blocks Malicious Credit Card Requests


Workarea 3.0.10 modifies the Rack::Attack (docs) initializer, workarea-core/config/initializers/13_rack_attack.rb, creating a new blocklist intended to protect against malicious credit card requests. These requests, which place orders and save credit cards in order to test credit card lists, strain infrastructure and burden the retailer with credit card fees.

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