workarea new {app|plugin|theme}

Create a new Workarea application, plugin, or theme, using any version of Workarea or Ruby. By default, this command uses the latest version of Workarea that it can find, and the minimum Ruby version that Workarea supports, which is currently 2.4.3.


The workarea new command has several sub-commands, depending on which type of component you want to generate. At this time, you can generate applications, plugins, and themes using the Workarea CLI. Below, you can find more information about how each component of the Workarea ecosystem is generated:

Creating Workarea Applications

To create a new Workarea application:

$ workarea new app implementation

This installs Workarea into a local Gemfile, then generates a Rails application using the app_template.rb file contained in the installed version of Workarea. The options described below are applicable only to the app generator, and configures the plugins that are bundled as well as whether seeds should be run upon a successful app generation:

-p, [--plugins=one two three]      # Any plugins to install along with the platform (app only)
-s, [--seed], [--no-seed]          # Whether to run seed data upon generation (app only)
                                   # Default: true

Creating Workarea Plugins

To create a plugin:

$ workarea new plugin integration

It works in a similar fashion to the app generator, but instead of applying app_template.rb, it uses plugin_template.rb. Additionally, it uses the rails plugin new command to generate a Rails engine rather than a Rails application.

Creating Workarea Theme Plugins

To create a theme:

$ workarea new theme classy

Much like the plugin generator, this will use rails plugin new to generate a Rails engine by the specified name. The only difference is that this uses the theme_template.rb app template, and generates a theme plugin rather than just a bare plugin. It serves as a starting point for building new Workarea themes that can be applied at the start of a project and updated over time.


The new command generates new Workarea applications, plugins, and themes. These components are isolated to a specific version of the Workarea platform, and (optionally) Ruby. You can also specify plugins to install at setup, whether to seed an implementation app or not upon generation.

The options described below apply to all permutations of the workarea new command:

-v, [--version=VERSION]            # Version of Workarea to install
                                   # Default: 3
-r, [--ruby-version=RUBY_VERSION]  # Version of Ruby to install under
                                   # Default: 2.4.3