Install workarea-cli gem

Download the latest version of the CLI here:

Project specific access keys

When receiving administrative access from the Weblinc Hosting team you will be given 3 keys:


Your AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY are unique to each individual with access to a project and should be closely guarded. Do not commit these to a git repo, share with co-workers, or otherwise make available to anyone other than yourself.

Run the setup command

Once you've obtained your project specific access keys and installed the workarea-cli gem into your project you can run the workarea setup command:

workarea setup --client-id=<WEBLINC_CLIENT_ID> \
              --aws-access-key-id=<AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID> \

Upon successful completion of setup running workarea should show:

This project is setup.

After this you're all setup!