Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection Guide

A VPN extends a private network making it publicly accessible over the public internet.

Each VPC has it's own VPN. In order to access any of the instances inside of a VPC, you'll first have to connect to the VPN.

After connecting to the VPN you'll have direct routes to instances inside of a VPC, allow you to communicate with an instance using it's private ip address.

For example, after connecting a VPN, to SSH into an instance with the private IP address of, you could run the command ssh jsmith@ inside a Terminal.

The previous example assumes that you've already setup your SSH Public Key, if you haven't already, the SSH Connection Guide has details on how to do so.

VPN Hostname

Given a client id of myclient and a staging VPC, you can reach your VPN over HTTPS by visiting

If you receive a connection timed out or destination unreachable error, make sure you've used the https:// protocol and not http://.