Weblinc Credentials

Your Weblinc credentials consist of the following:

  • Username: typically the first letter of your name combined with your last name. If your name is John Smith, your username is jsmith.

  • Email: whatever e-mail provided upon the creation of your account.

  • Password: an automatically generated password upon creation of your account, and then reset automatically every 90 days.

Resetting forgotten username or password

Your Weblinc username or password can be reset by visiting this URL.

Using AWS IAM API Keys

AWS API keys are tied to a user with Weblinc credentials, as well as a Client ID.

When access to a new client project is given, you will receive an AWS IAM Access Key Id and Secret Access Key, as well as the Client ID those keys are tied to.

Security Warning: It is important that you take great care in protecting your API keys and do not share them with anyone else. All AWS access is logged and stored for auditing purposes, sharing your keys with others gives them the ability to act as you.

Configuring the Weblinc CLI to use AWS API Keys

Check out the weblinc setup command reference for more information on how to configure the CLI to use AWS API keys.