Workarea Commerce Platform

The Workarea Commerce Platform is a collection of Rails engines, each packaged as a Ruby gem. Each engine provides an aspect of ecommerce or related functionality to a host Rails application. For each system integration, the systems integrator (SI) chooses and installs the relevant Workarea gems, mounting them onto the Rails application.

After adding the Workarea gems to a host application, the SI is working with an almost fully functional ecommerce application, including a complete Store Front user interface and an Admin. The SI completes the integration by customizing the application's functionality and design to meet the project's requirements. This process may be only a minor facelift or may involve large feature additions. The Workarea platform and the Ruby on Rails framework are both highly extensible and allow for varying degrees of customization.

workarea-testing, workarea-core, workarea-storefront, and workarea-admin are considered the core platform and are bundled together as the workarea meta gem. In addition to the workarea gem, the platform includes a variety of plugins, for example workarea-reviews and workarea-gift_cards, that extend the platform with additional functionality.

SIs who want to re-use functionality across multiple integrations and share functionality with other SIs have also published their own plugins, further building the Workarea ecosystem.

Getting Started

Before starting development, you may want to review Workarea's prerequisites and dependencies and get more familiar with the Workarea ecosystem.

To use the Workarea platform, you will need a suitable development environment and a new or existing application to host the platform engines.

Choose the Workarea gems you would like to use and refer to each gem's README for installation instructions. Then use these guides (along with other Workarea documentation) to learn how to configure and customize your application.