Update a Host Application

If you make changes to the Workarea gems or versions you have installed, you may need to make changes to your app.

When installing a new Workarea plugin, review its README for any additional installation instructions. When upgrading to a new version, review the changelog for a list of required changes.


Each Workarea gem that requires routing needs to be mounted. If you add or remove a gem that requires routing, be sure to add or remove the mount point in your application's routes file.

# config/routes.rb

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  mount Workarea::Core::Engine => '/'
  mount Workarea::Admin::Engine => '/admin'
  mount Workarea::Storefront::Engine => '/'


Each Workarea engine provides its own seeds, so if you change engines or versions you will likely want to run seeds.

$ bin/rails db:seed