Set Up an Existing Host Application

After setting up a development environment, you're ready to work with an existing Workarea application.

Getting the Source

First, clone the app's source.

$ git clone ssh://

Reviewing App-Specific Documentation

At this point, view the app's README file for any documentation specific to this application.

$ cd path/to/your_app
$ cat

Installing Ruby Dependencies

Next, use Bundler to install the necessary Ruby dependencies.

$ cd path/to/your_app
$ bundle

Note: If this is your first Workarea application, this may take a while.


Most apps include seeds so that all developers are using the same data set, despite using different machines for development. Refer to your application's README (or ask an existing maintainer of the application) for the steps necessary to install seeds.

$ cd path/to/your_app
$ bin/rails db:seed

Viewing the App

Start an application server to view the app in a browser. For example, start the default Rails server:

$ cd path/to/your_app
$ bin/rails server

With the server running, browse the app at http://localhost:3000.