Release a Plugin

Use the release task to publish your plugin to the Workarea gems server.

$ bin/rails release

This task expects to find your gems server credentials assigned to the environment variable BUNDLE_GEMS __WEBLINC__ COM. If you aren't exporting this variable in your shell startup, include it on the command line.

$ BUNDLE_GEMS __WEBLINC__ COM='<var>username</var>:<var>password</var>' bin/rails release

Furthermore, the gems server (since it's a clone of the software used for expects to find a gem credentials file in your home directory. If you've pushed open source gems to, the file may already exist on your machine.

$ cat $HOME/.gem/credentials
:rubygems_api_key: 'foo'

The file serves no purpose for Workarea gems, but it must be present to publish a gem. If this file doesn't already exist on your machine, create it with the following commands:

$ printf -- "---\n:rubygems_api_key: 'missing'\n" > $HOME/.gem/credentials
$ chmod 0600 $HOME/.gem/credentials