Configure a Payment Gateway

Workarea provides the following configurations for your payment gateway integration. See Integrate a Payment Gateway to learn more about integrating a payment gateway with Workarea.

Config Description
config.gateways.credit_card Set credit card gateway
config.gateways.paypal Set Paypal gateway (if using the Paypal plugin)
config.credit_card_issuers Map of ActiveMerchant credit card issuer to friendly display name of issuer. Used to display issuer name and issuer icon in views. Unknown values will display as titleized version of the ActiveMerchant key passed.
config.tender_types The available tender types for purchase/refund, used in order to determine purchase precedence and in reverse for refund precedence


# ...

Workarea.configure do |config|

  # ...

  # Default bogus gateway
  config.gateways.credit_card =

  # config.gateways.credit_card =
  # login: 'XXXX',
  # password: 'XXXX',
  # test: true
  # )

  config.gateways.paypal =
    login: 'XXXX',
    password: 'XXXX',
    signature: 'XXXX'

  credit_card_issuers = { |hash, key| key.titleize }
  config.credit_card_issuers = credit_card_issuers.merge(
    'visa' => 'Visa',
    'diners_club' => "Diner's Club",
    'master' => 'MasterCard',
    'discover' => 'Discover',
    'american_express' => 'American Express',
    'bogus' => 'Test Card'

  config.tender_types = [:store_credit, :credit_card]

  # ...

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